Headwork Pictures

We have been doing heads for quite a while now but want to start offering a full service to customers out there. Whether you want a mild build or a all out race build, we can do it.
Here are some of the services we offer: REMEMBER these services are NOT limited to Nissan & SR20. We can do full head builds for Honda/Acura, Toyota, Mitsubishi and other makes also!

Stage 1 Port & Polish Gasket Match, Blend and Polish
Good for 400hp

Stage 2 Port & Polish Gasket Match, Bowl Work, Blend and Polish
Good for 600hp

Stage 3 Port & Polish Gasket Match, Reshape of Air Path, Bowl Work, Chamber Polish, Blend and Polish

Competition Valve Jobs
CNC Combustion Chamber 87 and 90mm profiles.
Full head assembly including valve shimming.

Head featured in these pics is a VVL head with oversized valves, stage 2 port and polish, 90mm combustion chamber.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!


About mazworx
Mazworx Manufacturing is based in Orlando, FL. We specialize in custom fabrication, cnc machine parts,engine building, race car/chassis building.

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