Mazworx RS Series Nissan RB20/25/26 T4 Manifold

Mazworx RS T4 Divided Topmount manifold for RB20/RB25/RB26. This manifold will work ONLY with RB engines in a S-Chassis conversion. Utilizes twin Tial MVS wastegates. Please also check out the dumptubes and 4″ downpipe available.


Mazworx RB25/RB26 S-chassis mount kit

We now have available engine conversion mount kits for the RB25/RB26 into S-Chassis. These mounts will work for all RB25/RB26 engines into all Nissan 240sx chassis (S13/S14/S15). Kit comes with driver/passenger side mounts,transmission crossmember and hardware.

** RB25 Note: The transmission crossmember will only work if you use a Z32 (300zx) transmission with a RB25 bellhousings. The RB25 bellhousing will bolt right onto the Z32 transmission.**

** RB26 Note: The transmission crossmember will only work if you use a Z32 (300zx) transmission with a RB26 bellhousings. Or you can use a RB25 bellhousing to Z32 transmission. This transmission crossmember will not work with a complete RB25 transmission.**

Mazworx S14/S15 SR20DET Intake Manifolds. Ready for immediate dispatch!

We have just recently finished up the intake manifolds for the S14/S15 SR20DET. We have included provisions for all the IACV and factory coolant features. So essentially this is a bolt on unit with no need modifications. Uses a 90mm Q45 (VH45DE) throttle body. Intake manifold is o-ringed for sealing so no more paper gaskets. Vacuum ports and vacuum fittings will be included. Also included but not pictured it a top feed fuel rail ready for -10an fittings.

Price is $1095.00 + shipping and as stated these are ready to be immediately shipped out!

The anatomy of a 4.1L 1200+whp VQ engine build

We here @ Mazworx are building a monster VQ engine for our new engine program. In this thread you will see the step by step process to create this engine. We shall first start off with the cylinder head.

Here you see our port work. This is the exhaust side of the cylinder head.

Here is the combustion chamber opened up to match the bore 100mm and deshrouded. This process eliminates hot spots and reduces the chance of detonation.

All oil passages on the head are cleared, cleaned, and tapped for plugs

Cylinder head here is cleaned, ported and ready for machine work

Getting ready to install Supertech valve guides

Cylinder head clamped in the valve seat machine ready for machine work

Valve job being performed

Right valve shows the final deshrouding radius

With the valve open , the deshrouded valve has more space around it. This allows more flow. Using Supertech inconel exhaust valves.

A complete 5 angle valve job

Valve job on the head completed and ready for assembly

Getting ready to install the Supertech valve seals

OEM Spring seat, Supertech inner spring seat, Supertech valve seals installed

Installing the Supertech dual valve springs and titanium retainers.

Cylinder head being resurfaced

Once head is completed, we install a spark plug and the chamber volume can be measured.

We will be back shortly for the shots of the engine block work.

Mazworx featured in Performance Business!

As part of Garrett Turbos Q&A session, we are grateful to be have our old race car featured in this months Performance Business! Pick up a copy and ready the great article from Garrett Turbo.

Mazworx is hiring!

We are currently seeking a sales associate to join the Mazworx team. Please click on the link below for more information

Sales Associate Position

Mazworx S14/S15 SR20DET intake manifolds in production

We have started production on our S14/S15 SR20DET intake manifolds. These will also fit RHD applications. We should have a few rolling off here pretty soon. For more information and pricing, please contact